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What do parents have to say about Tumzee®? Read on to find out their unbiased testimonial.

Evaluator #1

“Emma normally would resist tummy time and with using this product she actually seemed to enjoy it. I also am certain that I noticed an improvement in her neck and back strength. I liked that Emma could see in front to play with toys easier but also that she could easily turn her head side to side without the floor getting in the way. I have no safety concerns with the product. I was originally worried that she wouldn’t hold her head up and would fall against the front panel making it hard to breathe but after using the product that didn’t happen. She immediately knew to hold her head up and within a few times of trying this out I noticed an improvement in her neck and back strength.”

Evaluator #2

“I would definitely recommend this product to family and friends. It does everything that it says it would and definitely promoted tummy time in a more comfortable manner, while forcing Angelina to use and develop more core and neck muscles. Angelina was definitely able to see her surrounding environment and she was able to play with her toys while staying in tummy time position. She would use more strength to prop herself up and since getting and testing this product, she’s definitely stronger and more mobile. I fear (in a good way) that she’s going to be crawling sooner as a result. I liked that it kept Angelina in tummy time position.”

Evaluator #3

“My baby girl was comfortable with this product. Once I put her in it she tried to roll out but was unable to. I was impressed by that, as she currently does not like spending time on her tummy and rolls over to her back immediately.I was really impressed that it did not allow her to roll over, and my baby girl really tried to roll out of it. I also like that she was willing to spend 20 minutes at a time on her tummy using this product (a big improvement from the 5 minutes we used to get when we tried tummy time). I feel that my baby was able to see her surroundings as she spent a lot of time looking around. Also she loved playing with toys in front of her while in the Tumzee®. I feel that all of this helped her develop her neck and back muscles.”

Evaluator #4

“You can tell the product was very sturdy and withstood not only my 6 month old playing but also my 2.5 year old daughters attempted to play with it and it did not seem like anything would break. My son has really enjoyed it and I have already recommended to a neighbor that was over the other day for a play date and also think it will make for a fantastic gift for future baby showers. My son is definitely developing his neck & back muscles using this product along with giving him an opportunity to play with his toys, I have also found it is promoting his use of his arms to hold himself up and has actually been showing stronger attempts at crawling since using this product since we received it!!!”

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