Special Needs Feedback

We are thankful for all the wonderful feedback we are receiving on Tumzee®! The response for special needs has been truly amazing and we feel honored to be able to help these little babies with the challenges they are facing.

Special Needs Testimonials

“I’ve used the Tumzee with some of my patients and found it very helpful.”

Anne Zachry, PhD, OTR
Pediatric Occupational Thereapist

“It’s an amazing product. I use it daily in my practice and babies love it.”

Dr. Dmitri Sokolov
Pediatric Chiropractor

“It’s great! My son has special needs and it is a great product to use with him. The leg holds and incline are definitely what he needs during tummy time. I’ve definitely recommended your product! Thank you!”

Adrianne, Maryland, USA

Bridget Ann Bailey works with special needs children and uses Tumzee to develop and challenge her little heroes. “This is what I do and why I love my job.”

Bridget Ann Bailey

Some of Bridget Ann Bailey’s Little Heroes:

Special needs“I bought one for my special needs daughter (she has Down Syndrome)…this was a piece of therapy type of equipment that I could actually afford. Down Syndrome children, among other things, have a weaker core, weaker shoulders, and weaker upper body — the Tumzee has allowed us to challenge and strengthen her more than just when her therapist is here. I highly recommend Tumzee to everyone.”

Sherri G

“We love our tumzee! It helped our developmentally delayed daughter hold her head up for the first time! Our PT and OT love it!”

Tara Johnson

“The Tumzee has been a wonderful addition to my 7 month old’s physical therapy. Not only does it provide less stress on their tummy thus making it a little more enjoyable, but also helps strengthen her core and arm muscles. I recommend this product to any parent who has a child that is a little weak in their core and are a little slow with learning to sit up on their own. This has helped give so much improvement with our daughter and with a less traumatic experience. I truly thank them.”

Amanda from Crestview, FL

“My son is a former 23 week miracle. When he was born we were told he would most likely die, but if not there was a very high chance of him being a complete vegetable. He would never know his surroundings or know who we are. We fought for him to live and he fought as well. He is now 11 months old but HATES tummy time. Today, we received our TUMZEE in the mail and I put him in it right away. He is still a bit small for it but we immediately noticed a HUGE difference. He was not face planting and he was actually looking around. He even reached out for his toy. That is HUGE. See, my son hasn’t been diagnosed yet but he has Cerebral palsy. Diagnoses is made at age 2 but he is showing all signs. He also had 2 huge brain bleeds. On top of all this he is fed through a feeding tube to his intestine. It makes tummy time harder. But TUMZEE seems to be the answer!!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to try it!”

Jennifer from Gores Landing, ON

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