Making Tummy Time Fun!

Turning tummy time into play time for your little one and making playing easier while taking the frustration out of tummy time. A great choice for a two month old and older.

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  • Quality Guaranteed

    Tumzee is designed for babies who are old enough to hold their head up on their own, and can be used until your baby has learned to crawl and no longer needs daily tummy time.

  • Full Support

    Tumzee is built with a unique T-shaped support to prevent baby from sliding down the incline, plus raised sides to prevent baby from rolling off the side. These features provide a secure environment for your child’s tummy time.

  • Easy To Clean

    Tumzee is made of Polypropylene and is BPA and phthalate-free. Its soft yet firm design allows your baby to be comfortable while still providing them with full support and making it easy to clean.

The Perfect Companion

Tummy time is an important part of every baby’s development. Daily tummy time encourages fine and gross motor skills and help develop strong muscles that your child needs to start reaching, sitting up, and crawling

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Tummy Time Facts

Tumzee has been used to alleviate congestion associated with acute colds or other lung and airway health concerns, helps prevent flat head syndrome. Tumzee aids babies hand-eye coordination and helps strengthen your little one’s arms, head, neck, and core muscles. Quickly turn your living room into a baby activity gym.