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Making tummy time fun!

Tummy time is an important part of every baby’s development. It encourages fine and gross motor skills and helps develop strong arm, neck, and shoulder muscles that your child needs to start reaching, sitting up, and crawling.

Tumzee makes tummy time fun time! It allows for babies to be positioned on their tummies on a 15-degree incline, letting your baby engage with toys, games, or books and easing the frustration that many babies feel during tummy time.


First, I just wanted to say that my 10-week old son loves his Tumzee. He hated tummy time before and would be so tired from trying to hold his head up that he would fuss and give up-and his face would “shmush” on his play mat. He now uses his Tumzee and enjoys tummy time so much more!

Ontario, Canada

Super Excited-Derek’s TUMZEE got here today, I ripped it open & he’s already used it, I think he really liked it… I love it!! I think it’s a must-have, wish I would’ve known about them months ago!

Amy G
Pennsylvania, USA

My son loves having tummy time on his Tumzee. And can hold his head up really well, and he’s almost sitting too at 3 1/2 months cause of the strong muscles he’s developed because of how much he uses his Tumzee. It’s a great product! And I’ve recommended it to all of my friends with a new baby!

Ontario, Canada

I’ve used the Tumzee with some of my patients and found it very helpful.

Anne Zachry
Pediatric Occupational Therapist

It’s an amazing product! I use it daily in my practice and babies love it.

Dr. Dmitri Sokolov

When used appropriately, the Tumzee has significant potential for facilitating early postural development for infants. According to my 3-year-old daughter, ‘Babies like it!’ and I concur.

Dave Lounsbury

I received the Tumzee I won from the PTPA giveaway earlier this week and I must say, I am very impressed! My daughter is just crawling, so I decided to use the Tumzee as a prop. I am a photographer and this is an AWESOME positioning helper for portraits!! Thanks again for your great product!

Arizona, USA

One of the biggest tummy time issues was that Kieran would always stare at the floor. He wouldn’t lift his head to look around. The Tumzee seems to be the perfect solution for that. The position it puts the baby in is perfect for strengthening their neck and back muscles and giving them a good view of everything around them. It’s also not too high off the ground that they can’t reach for something put in front of them…talk about multi-purpose! Strength training and developing motor skills all in one. Bonus!


My 13 week old having tummy time with the help of his Tumzee that we won with the last giveaway – without crying a single tear! Thanks, Tumzee!

Alberta, Canada

he Tumzee has been a wonderful addition to my 7month old’s physical therapy. Not only does it provide less stress on their tummy thus making it a little more enjoyable, but also helps strengthen her core and arm muscles. I recommend this product to any parent who has a child that is a little weak at their core and is a little slow with learning to sit up on their own. This has helped give so much improvement with our daughter and with a less traumatic experience. I truly thank them.

5 stars out of 5

Crestview, FL

The Tumzee was given to us as a gift for our first child. Our son never quite enjoyed tummy time so we were thrilled when we placed him in the Tumzee and he spent time playing with a smile on his face! We recommend the Tumzee as a helpful and beneficial tool for any baby.

Newmarket, Ontario

My son is only 5 months old. He used to hate being on his tummy. He would lay on his tummy and start crying within 2 or 3 minutes of my putting him down. I am so thankful for the Tumzee. My son now loves to play on his tummy, thanks to the awesome Tumzee. The Tumzee is made of the similar material to the bumbo chair. The Tumzee is a really great thing to have for your baby. My son will play on his tummy for around 20 to 30 minutes at a time. I simply put him in the Tumzee and put his toys in front of him and he will play with his toys and laugh and smile now, instead of crying. I will recommend the Tumzee to anyone and everyone I know with a baby. Make sure to enter below for your chance to win a Tumzee of your own. Head over and check out all of the beautiful colors of the Tumzee, then come back and enter to win one of your own.


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